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This is a StingRod C3 Corvette. Its lower than stock. Its wider than stock. It looks more aggressive and more exotic than stock. It mounts larger wheels and tires than stock.

Its fast, powerful, hungry, and one can be made for you. You feed it your need for style, speed and excitement, and it will deliver a smile to your face.

The C3 Corvette's time has come around again. Problem is, the original cars leave alot on the table to be desired in today's world. The StingRod by Muscle Rod Shop addresses these things, leaving you satisfied and content.

Modifications get the ride height right. Improve handling. Improve acceleration. Improve style and appearance. The car is wider, lower and meaner than original... a full six inches wider! The additional width starts in the doors, enhances the quarters, widens the tail panel. The wheel arches are raised. The suspension is dropped. Its crazy how these changes enhance the appeal of the C3 Corvette, making it muscular and menacing.

StingRods are built to order from your car. Your donor can be anything from a nice original car to a total basket case. We will work with you to determine your preferences regarding components. Suspension packages or full frames. LS or legacy motors. Auto or manual. Color. Wheels and tires. Brakes. Interior options and comforts. Hood designs. Additional custom touches. In the end, you'll own a show winner built from the classicly designed C3 Corvette you've always wanted; artful, respectful, coveted.

StingRod build styles are grouped into three categories: Street, Road and Track. Each has particular qualities that serve to enhance your experience depending on the style of driving you yearn. Knowing which version appeals to you helps us spec it out the car to your satisfaction. For instance, a street car will have different gearing than a track car. A street car would have A/C and power windows where a track car would not. A track car would have different suspension components than a street car. Do you want to hot-foot it around town and rumble into car shows? A big block motor, raucous exhaust and hot gears would be the ticket, along with A/C... that's a street car. Or do you want to take highway cruises to destinations all around the country? A sweet LS motor, highway gears and full creature comforts along with smooth, quiet tones from the exhaust are more the style... build a comfortable road version. Finally, if you know you want to slide it around a track... keep it simple and quick... no extra baggage... build a track version. In the end of course you can drive any of them anyway and anywhere you like. Plenty of choices to fit your every want and desire. Lets get it going today.
StingRod 1968 Corvette by Muscle Rod Shop
1968 Corvette Stingray by Muscle Rod Shop
1968 Corvette Stingray by Muscle Rod Shop