Steve Enochs owner of Muscle Rod Shop
StingRod C3 Corvette by Muscle Rod Shop
StingRod C3 Corvette by Muscle Rod Shop
About Us
There it is. We like cool old fast stuff. Slick designs that were ahead of their times, retired but not forgotten. We like serious stuff. Stuff made to perform heroic feats at a time when ordinary was boring. For 1968, the C3 Corvette brought futuristic, fast and ferocious styling to the showroom. Everyone wanted one, even if they were like Ford or Chrysler guys and could not admit it.

Steve Enochs, owner and chief of StingRods, owned his first Corvette, a '58, in '76. After that, a '64 Coupe and a '67 convertible followed. Then came the first C3, a '68 convertible. All that by 1978. There were others, and for many years none, but when the time was right and he'd paid his dues with a dozen years as hands-on owner of Muscle Rod Shop specializing in premium restorations of cars of the muscle era, it was time to get back in the saddle again. Another '68 convertible was acquired.
Problem was that all those years building top
quality custom cars taught him that even the new Corvette could not be left alone. What followed was the prototype StingRod, the green car featured on these pages. A quick feature in Vette magazine and calls from curious C3 owners indicated that the design and appearance was right, well received, and worthy of follow-up builds. Thus began the quest to create as many StingRods as the market will bear, as many as there are individuals dreaming of their own widebody, exotic and unique car. We are in the process of building the molds, determining the specs and gathering the pieces to offer you the opportunity to own the wildest C3 Corvette out there, and not in the form of a silly-priced one-off custom with a doubtful future value. We'll keep the costs reasonable, build it quickly and cleanly, and get you on the road. Your local car show has not seen anything like this. You're gonna own it.