3. The rear view really shows it... man that thing is wide. There are three inches added between the script and the tail lights on each side, and each rear bumper has been widened three inches. The idea is to keep the car looking like the designers intended while giving it the brawn and muscle it deserves in this day and age.

2. The rear quarter view shows well the curve of the quarter and how it is enhanced and especially visible at the c-pillar area. The widening also naturally raises the quarter panel peak, giving the car more 'shoulder'... and a much more aggressive appearance.
Definition: "A widebody Corvette built from the C3 years with a re-sculpted body, widened tail panel and custom touches. The rear body is a full 6" wider than stock - making room for huge tires - and has an exotic, more modern stance, especially when viewed from behind."
Charlie 3 Sierra Romeo C3 Sting Rod by Muscle Rod Shop
Qualifying Stock:
     1968 - 1982 Corvette,
     convertible or T-Top
Sting Rod rear view by Musle Rod Shop
StingRod C3 rear view by Muscle Rod Shop
C3 Stingrod upper view by Muscle Rod Shop
C3 Stingrod front view by Muscle Rod Shop
LET'S FACE IT: the weakest design area of the C3 Corvette is the tail end. I mean, the shape is sweet, the idea perfect, but looking at it with the benefit of almost 50 years of additional design experience, the tail is simply weak. In fact, the rear of the C3 body is narrower than the front! We fixed that. We added fully 6 inches to the width of the car at the tail panel and a couple more at the wheel. Those 20x12 Bonspeeds with 335 tires fit perfectly. There are no offset trailing arms...in fact, the suspension in this car is stock, as are the inner wheel houses. The mods are not obnoxious, and do not detract one bit from the original design. The enhancement, on the other hand, is huge.

1. From the front, the widening of the body is evident, and is clearly seen to start in the door. Your stock C3 has its quarter panel curve starting in exactly the same place... we just enhanced the heck out of it.
4. Oh yeah... look at those quarters and all that tire. And no L88 flares! Bring it.

Of course, no Sting Rod would be complete without proper power enhancers and creature comforts. This particular version is a "street" version, portraying a somewhat radical street machine with old-school cues. Thus the 427/480 hp engine, 4-speed manual trans, side pipes, and relatively stock suspension. Though it does also feature Vintage Air A/C, a Front Runner, Ididit tilt column, and Hydro-boosted Baer brakes running 14" rotors with 6 piston calipers all around. A pair of dropped spindles and a dropped rear crossmember help get it down. Radical, obnoxious, loud. Also present is one of our signature House of Kolor killer custom paint jobs.

Sorry guys, but any car show you have your C3 at, you're not going to want one of these parking next to you. Having a stock car next to a widebody C3 to compare to quickly reveals just why this car looks so right and so muscular and any 'stock' C3 suddenly becomes anemic and weak, even with thouands spent on suspension, engine, interior and paint. Check our Options page from the Menu icon above for more info.
Perhaps its worth looking into a Sting Rod conversion for your car?
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