StingRod Chronology starts with one car, the prototype build green '68 convertible. You're probably a little weary of seeing the green car, as its plastered all over these pages, but its place in the history of the StingRod is critical. As we progress through the timeline, you'll discover that the green convertible, as shown on these pages, no longer exists. Here's why, and what it means for you.
C3 Corvette at Muscle Rod Shop
C3 engine compartment at Muscle Rod Shop
Feb 2014: the relatively clean coral-colored 327 4-speed Texas car with a black interior arrives at our shop in San Antonio.
Aug 2014: within weeks its obvious we can't leave it alone. Its also obvious that the L88 flare is not going to work for us aesthetically.
Our shop is already well known for widebody muscle cars. Why not apply the same principles to the Corvette in fiberglass that we've done for many years to Mopars and Mustangs in steel?
Sept 2014 - Feb 2015: Lots of cutting and hand-building for the next 6 months formed the final shape. Thank goodness we don't have to build them like that anymore!
C3 Stingrod lowdown at Muscle Rod Shop
Mar 2014 - Aug 2015: Paint and reassembly, with roll-out in August.
C3 Stingrod at car show by Muscle Rod Shop
C3 Stingrod first drive at Muscle Rod Shop
Sep 2015- Aug 2017: Car shows, a magazine photoshoot for Vette Magazine (May 2017 issue) and lots of running around Texas
Other StingRod candidates began to arrive. It was decided that the right way to propagate the design to these cars was to develop a build kit with all the right panels, bonding strips and support pieces needed to complete the modifications with the absolute fewest seams possible. Where the green '68 was built from a patchwork of individual parts, these cars would be built from one-piece quarters.
So, in Nov 2017 the green car was brought back in, dismantled, and the process of pulling molds undertaken. It was believed that the mold process would destroy the paint, so a decision was made to repaint the car in a different color after the process.
C3 StingRod rendering built at Muscle Rod Shop
We were right. Paint destroyed. Luckily, we had plan B ready, and it was a killer plan. The car would also get other upgrades along the way.
Meanwhile, work progressed repairing and prepping the other cars, which had extensive body damage and in in one case extensive rust damage.
As of Jan 2018, parts are coming out of our painstakingly created molds. In all, a complete StingRod rear-end kit will require up to 20 individual panels, strips and inner support fillers. A detailed and carefully considered installation process will also be finalized. Currently, we expect that these kits will be installed here in our shop, however, we hope to make the process straightforward enough to allow any shop with considerable fiberglass skills to perform the upgrade. Additional molds, such as for a complete 1-piece rear clip, may follow if demand is there.

Its important to note that a StingRod body does not, in itself, a StingRod make, as modifications to the ride height, proper wheel-and-tire selection, and additional mods are required to get the look. The prototype car rests on its factory frame with 2" drop spindles in front, longer spring bolts in the rear and a dropped rear crossmember to get it low with the half-shafts back in order. Modifications to the rear floor over the diff were needed for clearance. We will be adding custom rockers for those who don't want to run sidepipes, custom versions of rear valances, front spoilers, hoods, side vents and even a rear spoiler over the course of 2018. In the end, the goal will be turn-key StingRods running the hottest engines and suspensions, full frame swaps, custom interiors, and all the good stuff.
More to come.
New: Additional pics now as the green 68 StingRod continues to become red.
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