Get Started
Steve will be happy to talk with you about your Muscle Rod Shop build and will provide you with plenty of information regarding the process, how your expectations and desires will be met, and how to get the process started.

We may be able to accomodate you right away, but there may be a delay as current projects are moved through their stages and space for a new project is created.

Your project car does not need to be nice. We work with everything from clean restos to junkyard heaps. Our fiberglass and rust repair skills are extraordinary. There are no parts we have not replaced, repaired or fabricated. However, a project-killer an be a very rusty birdage structure. These can be repaired or even replaced with a donor cage, but the expense may be too great.

Prior to beginning your project, we will come to an understanding of the time and costs involved. We will understand your vision for the car. We will discuss which version of the StingRod you are looking for. This will help determine powertrain, chassis and body mods, based on what your performance and driving expectations are. We can have a rendering created to help nail the look, however, renderings are at the discretion of our consulting artist, who is not an employee of this shop.

We follow a pay-as-we-perform business model by creating an invoice at the end of each month for time and materials. No big down payments. The more we're able to do in a month, based on your financial comfort level, the faster we will be able to get the build completed. However, we do have several projects under way at all times... shop resources need to be shared.

Additionally, we'll create a schedule for the procurement of parts so that come reassembly, we have the necessary items ready to go, saving you time and money. We will work to provide you with a fabrication schedule, a paint schedule, and a reassembly schedule, and provide all preparation and support for coordination with an interior shop should your project call for work beyond our in-house services.

By choosing to create a StingRod by Muscle Rod Shop, you are going with one of the most creative shops in the world. When it comes to widebody builds, we are the innovators and the leaders. This comes from an understanding of design, flow and stance, and we avoid the tacky mods that so many builders these days can't seem to steer away from. Our ROD part of oor name can be said to stand for "Respect the Original Design", but its ok to enhance it, make it exotic, sleek, and more modern, within limits. Too much, and you end up with a car thats cool for maybe a year or two, but which quickly becomes dated and obsolete as trends change.

Above all, we're not here to build extremely expensive over-the-top show queens. We want you to DRIVE. This is your toy - one to play with. Unplug. Hammer it. Have some fun. Have some freedom. And feel that way-cool feeling knowing that as you cruise the highways or pull into the shows, you are king, and being the king is cool.